Spirit Drawings of Loved Ones
Who Have Passed

Linda is rarely clairvoyant, so she usually doesn’t see the people she draws. She channels Spirit through her body as a physical medium and Spirit draws using her hand and the pencil and using the sitter’s spirit guides or Linda’s. Each illustration is unique. It may be a known grandparent or an unknown great, great, great grandparent or perhaps an old high school friend or teacher. Usually the message states why it is important that this particular person wants to speak with the sitter.

Occasionally, strange things happen as spirit is always encouraging Linda to grow. Sometimes more than one person comes through in the same illustration (see the Mother and Father to the right); sometimes there will be hints of disease (for example, no hair on head is a symbol of cancer) or a certain uniform (for instance, military) to indicate how the person died or their career or job. Once someone gave a symbol of fire as he was proud of the grill he made and the week-ends cooking and entertaining his family.

On two occasions, people who had not passed came through. Once it was a husband who lived on the opposite coast. The sitter said her husband always took the chance to come through to readers to say, “Hi” to her. Another time, it was the sitter’s twin brother! I could sense him standing over his brother’s left shoulder watching me draw, yet he had not passed either!

It’s best to do readings on Skype or in person as Linda is a trance channel. Sometimes Spirit will sew, hammer, show off an 1800s dress, etc. as the spirit uses Linda’s body to sew, hammer or swish a long skirt. This is part of the evidence that Linda hopes to bring through, although this type of channeling does not always happen.