For Sale – Mini-Wildlife Refuge

Linda has lived on a beautiful property with water on three sides (see above and to the right) for about twenty years. Last December, Spirit told Linda she had to move to Maine. It’s been hard to say good-bye due to the beautiful scenery, the large house and all of Linda’s beloved wild animals, birds and reptiles. Linda’s friends call her property a wildlife refuge because of all the animal sightings.

Linda has seen everything from mice to moose on her property including two rare smooth green snakes and some odd birds like cormorants, great cormorants, egrets and Northern harriers (none of which should have been here). The river seems to draw them in as they migrate. Other birds reside here as well: great blue herons, various ducks, geese, bald eagles and turkey vultures. As this is being written, there is one lone goose walking (more like ice skating) across the river in November. It either forgot to fly south or is hurt and needs help this winter. 

As for the animals, Linda drove up her driveway one night to see her cat sitting between two skunks eating grubs on either side of him. Don’t worry, they don’t spray. At one time, Linda was feeding a feral cat she wanted to domesticate until she noticed the food disappearing at a ridiculous rate! The cat had moved on, but a skunk that was wider than it was long, greeted her at the door sitting up to beg for food. Since it was happy to be fed, it never sprayed. A raccoon, however, insisted I feed him immediately! The one that made Linda stop feeding the local wildlife was an opossum that showed its 50 teeth as it growled while waiting to be fed.

One hot summer day, Linda saw a fawn in her driveway. As she looked around for the mother, the doe was also in the driveway giving birth to the fawn’s twin! Not many people get to see that up close and personal! However, the trade-off is that the deer eat many of the garden plants. If you can cope with that, you may also be lucky enough to see Dad who has 10-12 points (too dark when Linda saw him to count exactly, but he was a big buck).

Although there is a moose crossing sign near the property, only once was a moose seen in the yard (although there are occasionally tracks). There have also been bobcat tracks in the snow as well as fisher’s tracks and otter glides down to the ice. In March Linda has eaten lunch while two otters ate on the ice with her. Each took turns hunting and eating while the other stood guard. Each otter had two fish for lunch.

Beaver are often seen, but not usually eating. They swim by at dawn or dusk and slap a tail if a person seems too close or scary to them. A grey fox used to be a regular visitor at 1 AM. This property was used as a thoroughfare to get to a neighbor’s chickens. Once the chickens were gone, so was the fox.

A rare visitor was a mountain lion that yowled twice at 6:22 AM (just like in the movies, and yes, they are here as Linda saw one while hiking two miles from her house). A less rare visitor are bears. Linda almost ran over a small 10-inch-high cub as it ran in front of her car and down her driveway. If you put out bird feeders, don’t, as mama bear will take them. As for the baby bear, when it had grown to about 12-14 inches, it checked out the kayak, first sniffing and licking it, then jumping on and clawing it. Since the kayak was neither edible nor playful, the cub ran off! Linda thinks there is a nursery tree on her neighbor’s property where mama bear leaves baby while she eats.

The property is under 1 acre, but feels like so much more because of the water views and surroundings with access to hiking, kayaking, snowmobiling, etc. The house has three bedrooms, 2 full baths and lots of storage with 2 attics, a full basement, a garage, a shed and lots of built in closets, shelving, etc.

If you are interested in this property, go to Marlow, NH or contact Linda’s realtor, Brian Michaud at 603-446-2385.