Spiritual Web Communications, LLC is a business of both creative publishing services and psychic services. Art, editing, proofreading, indexing and writing of various articles, books and website copy are offered as creative services. Psychic services offer psychic readings including Tarot and spirit art, plus space clearings and psychic forensics. It’s a way of visualizing the unseen.

The business began in 1972 as McCracken’s, a commercial art business. It grew into writing copy, editing, proofreading and eventually, book and greeting card publishing. The company was incorporated, and the name changed to Spiritual Web Communications, LLC.

Sometime in the 1990s, psychic services were first introduced as the owner, Linda McCracken, began to use her psychic abilities at psychic fairs and expos where she did Tarot readings. Because of her innate skills, she also added spirit art and other psychic services that people requested or that were of interest to her, so she studied them.