Testimonials of Tarot Readings

27. Linda made out Halloween bash a success, she is thoughtful caring and great at what she does. I would recommend her to anyone looking to add something special to any event! Samantha C. Orrington, ME via theBash.com 10/28/23

26. … I’ve been so moved by your drawing. It had to have been one of the most raw and real experiences of my life. … I had longed for comfort to know my grandparents had re-united. I miss them everyday. Mary. Augusta, ME via Maine Odd and Unusual Show 9/2/23

25. What Linda was saying and drawing was a mystery to us but it was fun and she was nice and professional and she gave us a recommendation of someone who could help us better with our specific needs. Linda S. Nemehah, WI via theBash.com 8/13/23

24. Linda was spot on for me and all the guests. We are so impressed with Linda that we plan to hire her again! Thank you, Linda, from the bottom of my heart. Jennie J. Belfast, ME via theBash.com 3/18/23

23. Linda was very professional leading up to and during the event. My friends and I were impressed by her readings. If you’re looking for someone who is spiritually connected, with the years of experience and reviews to prove it, hire Linda. Leah W. – Hollis Center, ME via theBash.com 10/22/22 

22. Linda was SO great. We all had so much fun !! Thank you so much Linda !!!! 🙂 Breanna F. – Portland, ME via theBash.com 8/20/22 

21. I wanted to say thank you for reading our group on Sunday night! We all found our readings to be very insightful and helpful in navigating our current and future stages of our lives. Thank you again for the reading. Everyone agreed it was the highlight of the weekend! Emily P. – York, ME via theBash.com 5/29/22 

20. Connection is good. Miss Linda is very helpful with my questions. She cares. Joan V. – San Francisco, CA via theBash.com – Remote – 5/2/22

19. Linda was the perfect addition to my bachelorette weekend in the White Mountains. She was so kind to take a long drive to perform excellent readings for me and the girls. She was very responsive, made the whole process easy to hire her, and her pricing is fair. She is passionate about her work, and is gifted with being extremely intuitive. Each of the girls felt that their readings were spot-on, as she provided us guidance about past, present, future and distant future. Right away, she knew that I am about to start a new job — I actually start tomorrow. She was punctual and pleasant. I am so happy I found her and couldn’t be more pleased with my decision to hire her during this special time of my life. If you hire Linda for your readings, I am confident that everyone will love her just as we did! She is the real deal. Thank you so much, Linda – I will definitely be looking to hire you again at some point! Courtney D. – Thornton, NH via Thumbtack.com – 4/30/22

18. Linda gave me wonderful advice. She definitely sensed the situation that was going on in my life and warned me about certain things which I will definitely heed the warning. Made me feel really positive about something coming up in my future that is Major and reassured me that I’m making the right move. High ratings for value, work quality and professionalism. Alexandra M. – Manchester, NH via Thumbtack.com – Remote – 4/26/22

17. Wonderful woman. She has me thinking about my spiritual path now. And I needed to start listening to my own intuition. I appreciate her. Definitely give her a try. Jade R. – Newark, NJ via Thumbtack.com – Remote – 3/18/22

16. Linda was great to work with! I’m hoping that my company will hire her again for future events! She was professional and personable and friendly. And I heard from several folks that her tarot readings were spot on! I would definitely recommend her! – Cyd F. – Portland, ME via theBash.com – 2/23/22

15. My guests and I enjoyed our virtual tarot card reading experience with Linda! She was professional and communicative leading up to the event, and fun to work with during the party. Would recommend! – Paige T. – Frisco, CO via theBash.com – Remote – 10/23/21

14. Linda was fantastic from start to finish. She was great at communicating up until the event, was very punctual, and made our bachelorette weekend extra special. Thank you! – Jane K. – Old Orchard Beach, ME via theBash.com – 9/4/21

13. Linda has a beautiful soul. She’s very optimistic and very kind. She’s an angel. She’s also very helpful by guiding and giving me best advice. She truly cares. She’s amazing! I enjoyed listening to her when she shared with me her magical experiences with spirits. I’m happy and very grateful meeting someone like her over the phone. Thank you Linda! – Joan P. – San Francisco, CA via Thumbtack.com – Remote – 7/21/21

12. Linda was fantastic and gave an extremely accurate and insightful reading without me having to ask any questions. She was right on the nose and extremely helpful. Highly recommend her. – Aziza J. – Brooklyn, NY via Thumbtack.com – Remote – 7/7/21

11. I was very happy with Linda’s reading. She took her time and really walked me through her reading. I was touched how kind she was in certain aspects of my reading where she didn’t have to be. She also mentioned things about me that no one else knows and I look forward to how the rest of her reading pans out for me. Linda gets a high recommendation from me. – Muhammed S. – Ashburn, VA – via Thumbtack.com – Remote – 6/2/21

10. Everything went well. – Shawnetta F. – Grand Prairie, TX via Thumbtack.com – Remote – 5/13/21

9. Linda was so kind and made me feel comfortable. She has so much knowledge and explains with clarity. I got a lot of insight to my situation. I highly recommend! – Alonso G. – Mission, TX via Thumbtack.com – Remote – 4/25/21

8. I just had a reading with Linda. She was great! We jumped right into it and wasted no time on small talk. I believe she was spot on and I will definitely do another reading with her. I did a 30 minute reading but the time flew by so fast, I might need an hour next time. 😉 – Lindsay B. – Durham, NC – Remote – 4/4/21

7. I was very pleased with my interaction with Linda during my recent (Tarot) reading. She helped me to immediately clarify my problem, it’s energetic source, both in my immediate life and personally-evolving circumstances and most importantly, she led me to realize how to effectively and peacefully move forward while reclaiming my own personal power. Her analysis as guided by the cards, created an immediate sense of calm for me, allowing me to step out of my problem and to be able to view it through helpful and informing nuanced perspectives. Her work quality, including knowledge and mastery of her practice was evident from the start. I am grateful to know this gifted lady. Diane E. – Marlow, NH – Remote – 2/8/21 

6. Absolutely lovely and a pleasure. We had hired her to do tarot card readings at our Halloween party. Our guests were blown away and loved her! My guests raved about how accurate she was and they left the session with a great sense of comfort . – Holly M. – Manchester, NH – 10/20/20

5. Linda was very pleasant and arrived on time. She was able to customize her talent and give everyone an ample reading. I would recommend her in the future. – Maria M. – Boxford, MA via theBash.com – Remote – 8/29/20

4. Linda was super professional and accommodating during this unique time. The in-person shower was cancelled but she was able to do phone readings for my sister and I – which brought a lot of comfort to us. And many of her reading predictions have already come to fruition. I could not recommend her enough and suggest people hire her for phone readings, even as gifts for friends if they’re not able to do in-person bookings. Jennifer J. – Hancock, NH via theBash.com – Remote – 4/12/20

3. Absolutely lovely and a pleasure. – Holly via GigSalad.com – 10/27/19

2. Insightful and informative tarot reading. Thank you! – Aria P. via Square.com – 6/23/19

1. Thank you, Linda, for the reading. You put in words and images what I am already aware of, but it was helpful to hear you clearly summarize it all. I have come closer to the Spirits just recently, yet since then, I am moving out of the “quick sands”. I know They will keep helping me and I have faith and trust in Them. All will be well, blessings. – Caterina B. via Square.com – 9/29/18

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