Psychic Parties

Psychic parties are parties given by a hostess where each person at the party receives a reading, either Tarot or spirit art.

The hostess provides a place to meet (a living room, dining room or kitchen area where people gather to talk, eat and/or play music, whatever fun is desired. She also provides a quiet place for the reader (Linda) to give 15-20-minute readings (an office, family or bedroom with room for a table for spirit art). One by one, the party goers enter the private room for a reading. When it’s done, they return to the party and may or may not share their reading with others. It’s all very personal and up to those who participate.

The hostess needs a minimum of six people to be invited to the party; and the hostess receives a free 15-20-minute reading for her work. There may be extra fees for travel time if the event is far away.

Two Psychics for a larger Party

If a hostess wants to have a medium (other than spirit art), an Akashic records or past lives reading, palmistry, etc., Linda invite another psychic colleague with other talents to come to the party. The hostess would provide two private rooms for the readings and invite at least ten people to attend the party.

People may have multiple readings if there is time, but each reading would be paid for separately at the time of the private reading.

Gallery Readings

A gallery reading may be provided where a medium “reads” the room to contact Spirit. We would try to read everyone gathered, but could not guarantee it, especially if the group is very large. The payment would be by the hour, rather than by individual times. If travel is more than an hour, prices per person would increase or we’d negotiate a travel price for gas and food on the way. A minimum of six guests are needed for any party.

Please use the Contact Page to ask questions or book a gig for a birthday, holiday or just a girls’ night out psychic party!