Spirit Portrait Samples

These sample spirit portraits were drawn to catch the essence of the loved one who had passed. Linda is rarely clairvoyant, so her spirit guides or the spirits themselves draw the illustration as Linda allows them to use her body and pencil. Later, Linda was given the photographs as confirmations of the spirit portrait accuracy or inaccuracy.

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Father 4

The illustration and photo are slightly different, one being face on; the other being at an angle. Overall, the likeness is there, including little hair, ears close to the head and tight lips. As usual, Linda missed the Glasses and facial hair.

Grandmother 3 – Grandfather

Linda drew two grandparents in one drawing. The first shows the smooth skin of the grandmother, small nose and tight lips. Her hair was more like a younger photo of her than this one.  The grandfather had a lot more lines around his mouth. He kept telling me his mouth was wrong and, yes, the smile and mustache are missing. On the other hand, there were rounded lines under the eyes that could have been the beginning of the shape of his large glasses, just not finished. Usually glasses are never caught by Linda when drawing.


Linda caught the short pixie-like hair, but what really stood out was the sister’s love of Peter Pan which Linda talked about rather than drawing. As usual, there were no glasses.

Grandmother 2

Linda drew her full face forward, although the photograph (which Linda received later) was taken with the grandmother’s head at an angle. The sitter recognized her immediately and knew who she was. The grandmother showed herself at an earlier age, when she was in her fifties. Linda missed the glasses, unless the grandmother wore none in her earlier years.

Father 3

This father has a similarly shaped head and hair plus the jowl lines between his nose and mouth which is closed even though he was a jokester. He came through with a prankish symbol in the reading so his daughter would remember the message.

Husband 2

While drawing, Linda talked about the curly red hair and big blue eyes. The left chin goes out a bit, probably because Linda missed the beard. The dimples were also reversed, but the sitter said that the essence was there.


Linda missed the bangs and glasses (she almost always misses glasses), but she got the long hair, and narrow face along with the tight lipped smile and slight arches for her eyebrows.

Father 2

The pencil illustration is light and hard to see, but the squarish, yet round head and the bright eyes are there along with the jowls, chin and even the vein in the forehead.


Linda got the long, narrow face with a strong nose and angular chin, but missed the large part in his hair (none there).


This is a Navy seal, the father of the sitter. The hair and eyes seem to resonate the most, and of course, his Navy uniform.


Linda missed the eyeglasses, but caught the curly hair that mostly covers her ears and the full face with lips closed and multiple chins.


Linda captured the same high forehead with ears close to head and the deep smile lines with a slight smile. She did not get the glasses nor the long, narrow face.