Spirit Portrait Samples

These sample spirit portraits were drawn with the sitter to catch the essence of the loved one.
Later, Linda was given the photographs as confirmations of the spirit portrait accuracy or inaccuracy.

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Husband 2

While drawing, Linda talked about the curly red hair and big blue eyes. The left chin goes out a bit, probably because Linda missed the beard. The dimples were also reversed, but the sitter said that the essence was there.

Father 3

This father has a similarly shaped head and hair plus the jowl lines between his nose and mouth which is closed even though he was a jokester. He came through with a prankish symbol in the reading so his daughter would remember the message.

Father 2

The pencil illustration is light and hard to see, but the squarish, yet round head and the bright eyes are there along with the jowls, chin and even the vein in the forehead.


Linda got the long, narrow face with a strong nose and angular chin, but missed the large part in his hair (none there).


This is a Navy seal, the father of the sitter. The hair and eyes seem to resonate the most, and of course, his Navy uniform.


Linda missed the eyeglasses, but caught the curly hair that mostly covers her ears and the full face with lips closed and multiple chins.


Linda captured the same high forehead with ears close to head and the deep smile lines with a slight smile. She did not get the glasses nor the long, narrow face.