Spirit Art


You may receive spirit art readings in various ways: by coming to the psychic fairs and expos listed under Events, by having a psychic party at your house, or by arranging a personal telephone or online reading via Zoom, Facebook, Google, etc.

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Linda first did spirit art at the bequest of Spirit when she was about twelve years old and drew the spirit of a dying baby. The mother said no photographer could catch the spirit of her son the way Linda had.

In high school, Linda saw Robert Butts (Jane Roberts’ husband) do spirit art in oils. Seth, who Jane channeled also told Linda to “Let yourself go, simply stand there with your paints and brushes and begin to paint without waiting for the impression. The brush will paint.”

Linda only used brushes once, preferring to use pencils. Later she took spirit art workshops with Rita Berkowitz, Nancy Smith and Joseph Shiel. She has since done spirit art workshops of her own. To arrange a class, check under Classes.

Linda has samples of spirit portraits with photographs received after the drawing was done, for those who have given permission to be on this website.

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