Mixed Energies

There was a church that had had some negative energy present. Some people had heard things and others had felt things, both in the congregation and with the staff. It felt like, “Get out!” and not the welcoming feeling one should feel in a church.

Our group (five of us) was brought in to see if we could remove the negative energy, but what we found wasn’t really negative energy at all. It was mixed energies from two worlds. One person felt that it was like part of a graveyard, but there were no grave stones, as it was very deeply buried. It felt like there was a sacred space, and it was disrupted sacredness buried underneath the church. The church had been built on a prehistoric grave site of Native Americans. Another person felt horrible feelings, that there was no place for the energy to move. It was stuck, and made her feel sick. She felt that perhaps Native American bones were moved… the people violated and victimized.

Another one of our group felt spirits were filing into the room observing us, but it was not negative. As we walked through areas of the church where people normally did not go, another group member felt it was an interesting area, as a back addition had been added. They had dug up the floor and added two layers of wall and a new floor. The granite and cinder-blocked walls now trapped energy. There was no way for the energy to get out.

We do an audiotape of our clearings and most of the rest of this is taken from the tape so you can experience a clearing on a level that deeply impressed me. It was the first time we, as a group, helped multiple people from another culture cross over, although I’d previously helped individuals cross.
One of our members started channeling, describing the energy in terms from a spirit Native American chieftain.

“We welcome all, but it wasn’t supposed to be this way. So we accept, but we realize we can’t keep – there is no room for both of us. So there is (don’t want to use the word negative) unwanted energy – we don’t want – we ask others not to be here. We continue to ask, but more keep coming. And we feel trapped. We don’t want the others; they don’t want us, so why are they here? We don’t want them; they don’t want us. We know we should live in peace – we don’t know how. We just want our peace. We want to be left alone.

They had told us that they were in the dark, but could sense these other presences (these were today’s church goers) and didn’t like others on their land . We asked why they hadn’t crossed over and gone into the light, but they didn’t know about any light. All they had known was the darkness. To them, darkness is what death was. They were caught in limbo, the world between Earth and heaven.

We explained that there was a light and we prayed and asked our spirit guides and archangels to show them the light. We then asked the Native Americans to look for the light. At first they didn’t see it, but then they did. The conversation below is between two of us, the spirit Chief in italics and one of our group not.

“Maybe there is a way. Maybe you can show us. I sense a light. I sense a light we’ve never seen. I can see it. This is a new light for us.”

One of us said, “There is a Master who can teach you, and He brings the light.”

“We can see the light. Is this what we’re supposed to do?”

“See the Master holding His hands out in welcome.”

The Chief said, “Show them the way (meaning the Native American tribe of spirits). They are ready.”

“It’s safe to go with the light. You can be free. We’ve called the Masters to help you.”

After that there was complete silence. Some of us were shaking, or in tears.

One person said, “There’s so much unconditional love in this light – free and releasing.”

We did a check-in afterwards to see what had happened, as not all of us experience the other side in the same way. Some see, some hear, some feel, some become by channeling others.

When asked, the channel described what he felt. “Thank you! I felt the heat, the sun, the light. They were Native Americans. And thank you to all of you. And I didn’t want to leave! I heard, ‘And you are not to be with them.’ I was the vessel. It’s not my place or time. I didn’t want to leave. The feeling was so intense – I didn’t want to leave. It was insane.”

Someone asked, “What was all the shaking and crying?”

Someone else answered, “That was just the energy moving; he was channeling all that energy as they were moving toward the light.”

The channel just said, “I have no idea.”

“What else do you remember?”

“It was an old energy – old, old energy, way before this town’s people came. It’s an old energy – whatever was there, and they felt like that was their space. That was their space.”

“So they are the ones telling us to ‘Get out?’”

“Yes, get out, because it was their space. There wasn’t supposed to be anyone else there, and they didn’t understand why they had to leave. They thought this was the end. They thought this was the end, so they didn’t feel the need to move on.”

Someone asked, “Yes, there was a lot of questioning. There was lots of confusion. Why weren’t they moving?”

Another asked, “And then at one point it felt like you were a connectedness of souls – not just one – it felt like you were a ‘we’. How did they first experience seeing the light because they were surprised seeing the light?”

A third said, “We could see that in your eyes.”

The channel replied, “You brought a light to us. They saw the light for the first time. They didn’t realize there was even a light to see.”

“So then – did you feel them moving through you?”

“I don’t know where the movement came from, to be honest. It was sudden. I just felt something very quickly happen. Movement was very quick and powerful. They felt the light was peace and they were comfortable. Help them go. ‘Go!’”

“Do you remember me telling you the Master was here holding His hands out to you?”

“Yes, that made them feel comfortable with the light. They felt the light was peace. At one point the channel was saying ‘Go’…”

“The ‘Go’ was us – that was from us. The five of us said ‘Go’ to them! Absolutely that was us. I spoke for us – that ‘Go’ was us – saying ‘Go’ – to help them to go.”

Someone asked, “Did you feel like there was a Master there?”

Two (the channel and the one who felt the Master) said, “Yes, It felt like Jesus to me. One leader did turn around and said, ‘It’s not your time.’ Why were my eyes open? I couldn’t figure out why my eyes were open.”

“I think you were channeling a leader.”

“There was a leader, because in the end, one turned around and said, ‘No, this wasn’t my time and place.’ And whoever the leader was – was very clear. You are only the vessel – the energy comes from all of us.”

“Wow –we are very blessed.”

As with other Native Americans, who had passed in a large group, often due to war or sickness, the Chief waited until the end to pass over last to protect his people.

We were never again told of other instances of strange noises, sounds or touches in that church. The sacred space had been healed.

Excerpt from a soon to be published book, How to Get Up When Life’s Got You Down: Life Lessons Learned, by Linda McCracken.