Negative Energy

This was an interesting case as a young daughter said there was a monster near her sandbox! She not only stopped playing there, but had to be carried into the house from the car when doing errands. Linda doesn’t believe in monsters, yet the tree next to the sandbox said it was a “monster of electromagnetic energy”, see drawing to the left.

The tree was huge and bordered a stone wall with woods on one side and a field on the other. There were many patches of fields and woods around, plus a power line and new solar panels going into a nearby field. The tree said it was trying to balance all these energies. It was having difficulties because small samplings in the woods were sapping the mother tree’s energy from her roots and she was dying.

Linda’s friend saw a deer spirit jump into the tree. The tree’s other job was to be a home for dead animal spirits until they were ready to pass over.

The result of this reading was that the homeowner respected the tree’s efforts and decided to cut the saplings down over her roots so the mother tree wouldn’t die. He also decided to move the sandbox, so the energy of the tree wouldn’t scare his daughter.

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