On one occasion, Linda was told that three spirits had been removed from a house in the fall by another psychic. Beginning in the winter, however, their two year old toddler had trouble sleeping. One day, the mother was putting the toddler to bed when she reached up to the ceiling and said she wanted to go with MaMa.

This scared the mother and she reached out to Linda for help. The inside of the house felt clear with the exception of an area at the top of the stairs. Linda felt that she needed to sit down on a trunk near the energy and started drawing.

Immediately, as Linda began to draw, she received information about a woman from the 1800s. She was dressed in mourning clothes and had owned the trunk a long time ago. There was much personal information about her, but what intrigued Linda were her tiny eyes.

When Linda showed the drawing to the mother, she immediately knew the woman’s name and remarked how that side of the family all had small eyes. She also told Linda the story of the trunk, which had been owned by the woman and had been at the mother’s grandfather’s house.

During the holidays, the trunk had been brought to their house and the spirit was attached to the trunk. Soon after that, the toddler started having trouble sleeping. Evidently, the baby was scared by the strange clothes of this woman. She had no trouble feeling her great love and that’s why she had been reaching towards her when she told her mother she wanted to go to MaMa. Feeling spiritual love and seeing spirit can be two very different things!

After Linda left, the mother showed the drawing to the toddler and asked if she knew her. The child’s eyes grew round, her mouth fell open and she nodded yes. The mother then introduced the youngster to her great-great-great grandmother and told the child how much love she had to offer. The mother told the toddler that the woman dressed differently, but that that was okay.

The toddler stopped being scared at night and slept much better surrounded with her great-great-great grandmother’s love.

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