Tarot Readings

Linda uses the beautifully illustrated Shapeshifter Tarot deck for her readings. It gives her great freedom to read the cards as a regular deck of Tarot cards, by using numerology, telling stories with the illustrations or to give extra meanings via the totem animals.

Occasionally, certain areas of the cards with come forward or dance on the card to give an extra meaning to the message (i.e. birds flying with a ribbon between them means an upcoming marriage, and yes, Linda can see them fly).

She tries to give inspirational messages and uses the foundation of the past to help explain the present and where one is going in the future.

You may receive readings in various ways: by coming to the psychic fairs and expos listed under Events, by having a Psychic Party at your house, or by arranging a remote reading by telephone or online reading via Skype, Zoom, etc.

You may use the Contact Page to specify what you would like.

Events: Provide details on which event you’ll be attending, where, date and what time you would like reserved for your reading.

Psychic Party: Provide details on three dates and times of the party. Include the address of the place plus how many people will be there. For large crowds, Linda can invite one or more of her psychic friends to participate so everyone receives a reading. It also helps for experiencing other psychic gifts (like palmistry), which she does not do. Linda will contact you if she is not free and for pricing. Week-nights work best.

Remote Readings: Provide details on three dates and times you may have free and Linda will select whatever she has available or contact you to confirm and provide pricing.


Rev. 5/3/22