Forensic Artist

Linda has taken a FBI course in Composite Drawing for Law Enforcement at Stuart Parks Forensic Consultants in Idaho.

This allows her to scientifically, rather than psychically, do drawings of people seen by witnesses. People may talk to her as she draws what they say or remember. Better yet, she also has books of photos of various types of eyes, ears, noses and chins help to get the proper shaped eyes, ears, nose, chin, etc.

When finished, this illustration may be able to help police identify the subject, usually a perpetrator, or it may be used to rule out or in a perpetrator or to use on “Wanted” posters, although Police usually prefer photos to sketches.

Sample drawings can be shown only to the police as they are confidential in on-going cases.

Linda only does illustrations. She does not do three dimensional models from skulls.

Police or other law enforcement individuals may ask for help by using the Contact Page.