Clearing Spaces and Negative Energies

Linda is great at channeling energy. When she gets rid of negative energies, she fills the space with love and light so the negative energies can’t come back. Positive energies always win out over negative energies. 


What are called hauntings may be actual spirits or leftover emotional energies that are replaying traumatic events (i.e. murder, war).
If you hear noises, have objects moving by themselves, or disappearing only to reappear somewhere else, you may have a spirit trying to communicate with you.

Linda usually works with a group of one or more people to contact the spirit(s) or negative energy. Together the group, humans and spirits, determine what is going on and how to solve the problem.

If spirits do not know they have died, they are helped to cross over. Sometimes family on the other side, Jesus, archangels and others are called upon to help with this process.

Other times, especially if they are relatives, the spirit is there voluntarily and the client may be happy to have them stay once the client knows who it is and that their children and household are being watched over with love and protection.

Mixed Energies

Sometimes what seems like negative energy is just misunderstood energies. Because we fear what we don’t understand, it can seem “negative”, but it may not be. Check the experiences of Linda’s group of five psychics for an in-depth clearing example under Mixed Energies.

Negative Energies

These can be many things: misunderstood electromagnetic energies, portals, or leftover negative energies from wars, illnesses or trauma that took place on that land or property. On rare occasions, they may be evil spirits or demons.

Again, Linda and her group of friend(s) determine what is there and what needs to be done to clear and cleanse the negative energies. One interesting thing she has learned is that some Native Americans do not know about the light and are used to staying on their lands in the dark. Whenever these souls are crossed over, the villagers leave first; the chief goes last, protecting his villagers to the end.

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Rev. 5/3/22