Psychic Classes & Workshops

Automatic Writing

This class teaches people how to relax and do automatic handwriting. It is best to practice automatic handwriting on a regular basis which helps one communicate more easily with Spirit or your higher self. (1-1.5 hours)


Linda teaches groups how to read energy from items that belong to others. In this way a person can ascertain facts about an individual who had used or owned the object just by holding it. People should bring three small objects (rings, small tools, treasured objects, photos in an envelope) with them to the class. (1-2 hours)

Spirit Art

Linda teaches how one can do spirit art as well as giving her own history. Even those who say they can’t draw a straight line find that they can receive evidential information. (1-2 hours).

Booking a Class

Charges may vary depending upon travel and time. Please send a request of what you need via the Contact page.